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Horse Name Generator

Find the perfect horse name now. Just select the number of names and hit the submit button. Our generator will go to work behind the scenes, and soon you will receive the perfect horse's name.

Horse Names Generated:

running horse

Holy Smokes

pretty brown horse

Strike the Gold

white horse

Gallant Man

white horse in stable

Red Baron

steel grey riding horse


girl jockey jumping horse


What is a Horse Name Generator?

Do you need a name for a horse you want to buy? This generator will create random horse names that sound great for different types of horses like racehorses, draft horses, riding horses, or even a pony!

The Horse Name Generator uses random horse-sounding words as well as inspiration from real-life horse names. The most notable are the winners of the Kentucky Derby, Preakness Stakes, and Belmont Stakes since 1900.

Now your new four-legged friend will have a name just as great as their potential to run fast, jump high, or even pull your carriage!

Find Neat Horse Images Too!

Select from 1 to 99 horse names at a time with this generator. This tool will also generate random images of horses to go along with the name\'s and help spark your imagination. Some images provided by This Horse Does Not Exist.

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