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Phone Number Generator

Create 100 phone numbers out of thin air. Useful for testing software or dramatic performances. Do not call or text the numbers listed on this page.


(516) 898-9025

New York

(850) 970-1947


(716) 623-3852

New York

(940) 533-5013


(810) 567-6101


(515) 556-8270


(804) 601-1526


(630) 559-3415


(910) 157-4269

North Carolina

(478) 362-8257


(415) 442-9144


(337) 235-8202


What is a phone number generator?

This tool creates random phone numbers. Some of these are real and in service, some are fake phone numbers. For each number, a 7 digit value is created and prefixed with a correct United States area code. The state that uses the area code is listed below each number.

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