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New Leipzig, ND


Winston Salem, NC


Bridgeport, VA

Why Would I Need a Random Zip Code?

Do you have a sense of wanderlust and are looking for the perfect trip to take? Pick any zip code, anywhere in this country. Every place is different and there are so many places still left unexplored by you!

Why not start your journey with a random zip code? Head to the map and pick one at random, or even better--pick more than one.

How Does the Random Zip Code Generator Work?

Select the number of results you want in the dropdown. The computer will pull random zip codes from a huge list. The results will be completely random and could be from anywhere within the United States. Also displayed are the city and state along with the codes.

More Postal and Zip Code Facts

Zip codes start at zero in the North East and increase as you move west across the United States.

Did you know there are almost 42,000 zip codes in use?

PO Boxes take up over 9,000 codes.

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