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Random Alaska Address

Select up to 99 random Alaska addresses. The addresses will be from any part of the state.


8378 Fir Ave.
Talkeetna, AK 99676

8977 Treats Falls Ct.
Hughes, AK 99745

6086 Lorraine Rd
New Stuyahok, AK 99636

8410 Schaffer Ridge Turnpike
Chignik, AK 99564

5052 Knollwood Turnpike
Pilot Point, AK 99649

2991 Arlington Cir
Savoonga, AK 99769

Get Fake Alaska Addresses

Alaska state flag

Generate fake addresses for the state of Alaska. Note: Although the city, county, and zipcode information is correct for the state of Alaska, the addresses may or may not be real.

Alaska Facts

Alaska is a state of extremes, with some of the harshest weather conditions in the US. The northernmost state is just below the Arctic Circle and receives very little daylight during the winter months.

The biggest city, Anchorage, lies on a peninsula between mainland Alaska and Chugach State Park. It's within easy access to glaciers, mountain hikes, and animal parks.

Other cities in Alaska include Juneau, the state capital; Ketchikan near Alaska's southern tip; and Wasilla and Palmer to the north of Anchorage.

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