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Aesthetic Generator

Create up to 99 random aesthetics at a time. Your new lifestyle awaits.


90s Pet

90s: the decade of the 1990's; grunge, birth of the web, hackers, 32 and 64 bit consoles
pet: cats or dogs, friends, animals, relationships, cuteness

70s Minimalist

70s: the decade of the 1970's; stoners, drugs, urban decay, decline
minimalist: focuses on the core of the theme

50s Mom

50s: the decade of the 1950's; anti-communism, widespread TV adoption, boomer teens
mom: gentle, loving, caring, forgiving

Myth Cat

myth: legends, stories, heroic fairy-tales of old
cat: relating to cats or kittens, childlike

About the Aesthetic Generator

Aesthetic is a branch of philosophy that deals with the nature of art, beauty, and taste. It combines the appearance, attitude, and behavior of an individual or a society — the way they do things — to make up their culture or "way of life".

This generator mixes up random aesthetic themes into a list of possible sub-cultures. Use these as a character builder for a story you are writing, or have fun with your friends pretending your personality matches one of the aesthetics.

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