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Secret Code Generator

Pass secret messages between you and your friends with this fun tool. To create a secret message, select an image listed below. Then type your message and hit "Generate Message".

When your friend needs to retrieve the message, they will need to select the correct image, paste in the text, and hit "Decode Message" to see the plaintext message.

The generator only accepts English characters and the numbers 0-9. Any other character will be left out in the encoding process. Spaces and line breaks remain, however.

Have fun!


About the Secret Code Generator

This tool creates messages using a modified Caesar cipher. Each picture relates to an uniquely ordered array of all English characters and numbers.

Each letter you want encoded will be selected from the array and offset by a number. When reversing the message, the offset is subtracted to find the index of the original character in the array.

For even more fun, you can chain your secret messages with multiple passes, i.e. Dog->Helicopter->Clock, or Elephant->Elephant->Elephant. The recipient would need to reverse the order to arrive at the original message.

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