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Open Graph Tester

What does the open graph tester do?

With this tool you can check the Open Graph tags on your or a competitor's website. Make sure your OG tags are valid and are tested properly.

What are open graph tags?

Open Graph tags help other websites display your webpage according to user-defined fields you list in the header section of your HTML.

You can define the images, title, and description that you want to represent your webpage.

If you don't set the Open Graph data, it will be up to the other websites to figure out how they want to display your info. And it could be something that doesn't represent your brand well.

What open graph tags are available?

Here are some of the most common fields in use today:

  • og:title - The name of your webpage or item. For instance, this page is "Open Graph Tester".
  • og:type - What is the type of object you are defining? e.g. website, movie, book.
  • og:url - The canonical URL (website address) of your object.
  • og:image - A URL for an image that represents your page/object.

For a full list of OG tags available, please visit either the Facebook Guide for Sharing or the Open Graph protocol website.

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