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IndexNow URL Submitter

This tool is limited to 5 URL submissions per minute.

You will only need to submit to 1 search engine. Starting November 1, 2021, all search engines utilizing IndexNow will share your page (re)indexing information with each other.

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What is IndexNow?

IndexNow is a new feature created by Bing and Yandex to allow webmasters to notify search engines when there is a new page, or an existing page has changed or been removed.

This should allow more optimized crawl budgeting for your site and allow your pages to be indexed more quickly.

How do I use the IndexNow submitter?

First, select the Search Engine you want to send the request to. This should not matter as the search engines will share this information with each other.

Second, enter your new, updated, or changed URL complete with HTTPS or HTTP.

Lastly, enter in the key value that matches the Index Now text file at the root of your domain.

For example, if my key was abcd12345efg678, there should be a file named abcd12345efg678.txt at my domains root. This file should contain the same abcd12345efg678 value inside.

For more information about the key value and to generate your own, visit Bing's IndexNow page.

I Submitted the Form, Now What?

You should see either a success message or an error message below the form after submitting.

A successful submission does not mean that a search engine will index your page. There are still quality ratings that may affect your page.

For more questions about the IndexNow protocol, visit the Frequently Asked Questions page on

How may URLs can I submit with this form?

Currently, you can submit 5 URLs per minute with this tool. There are options in the protocol to send multiple URLs in one request, but I have only implemented the simple request method.

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